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Data Privacy


FrostByte is a small UK based business providing domain registration and other Internet services. If you are a FrostByte customer we will ask for your information that allows us to contact you and in cases where we act as your agent such as in registering domain names we need information about you to register a domain in your or your organisations name. Information collected is not use by us for marketing purposes by us or passed on to others. It is only used as necessary to register or setup your services.

Your Rights

  • The right to be informed You have a right to be informed about how your date is used and this is the purpose of this page.

  • The right of access You can request a copy of your personal data held at any time, your personal details can be viewed (and edited) by logging into the web site. Please contact us if you have any further requirements.

  • The right to rectification You have the right to correct or update inaccurate or out of date information, your details can be edited by logging in to the web site, please contact us should you still have any further requirements.

  • The right to erasure You can request your information is erased so long as there is no lawful reason for it's retention. Please note that if you wish your information to be erased this will result in the termination or your services or will require you to transfer your services to another provider as appropriate.

  • The right to restrict processing You can request taht processing of your data is restricted. Please note that if we are unable to process your data this may result in the necessary termination or your services or will require you to transfer your services to another provider as appropriate.

  • The right to object You can object to the holding or processing of your data if you believe is it being held or processed without legitimate reason. Please note that as well as holding your details for contact and billing purposes we will need to be able to hold, transfer and process your data to provide services to you or to act as your registration agent.

  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling You have the right to be informed about such processes. Please note that we do not use your data in this way.

Use of Cookies

Please read this page in conjunction with the information abut how we use web site Cookies.


We do not use your data for marketing purposes ourselves, neither do we pass your data on to others for this or any purpose other than that necessary to provide you with to your services (see below).


The web site is protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, the SSL certificate encrypts data transferred via the connection between your web browser and the web server, reducing the risk of data breach and protecting your data.

Retention of Your Data

Your Data is retained to enable us to contact you about your services and account and to allow us to register and set up services on your behalf. Unless there are any open issues on your account that provide a legitimate reason to retain your details such as but not limited to account arrears, your data will normally be deleted within 1 month of the end of your last product registered with us. This will not apply if for some reason we are legally obliged to retain your details or if we mutually agree to retain your details, such as but not limited to the expectation of future orders. This You can ask for this to be deleted but doing so will necessitate the withdrawal/deletion of services and in the case of domain names you must arrange for the transfer to another registrar.

Transfer of Your Data

To provide you with services we sometimes need to transfer some of your data to other organisation, namely service providers for your services, domain registries and a third party payment provider. These may be outside of the UK (see below). Only relevant and necessary data will be provided.

Transfer of Data Across International Borders

Where a service we provide for you is located outside of the UK it is necessary to transfer some of your data across intenational borders, only necessary data will be transferred to provide or register your services and to collect payments. Unfortunately if you object to this it will prevent us from providing you with some or all services as we may be unable to setup, register and maintain them for you.

External Web Sites

Please note that if you directly visit external web sites such as (but not limited to) accessing or using services/products we have setup/registered for you as agents (such as but not limited to a domain registry's web site) or access online payment facilities to pay for services/products ordered (i.e. PayPal) or downstream provider, you should refer to those sites own data privacy policies.

Your Financial Information

Details of your order and payment required are passed to PayPal for processing as a third party payment provider, plese refer to PayPal for details of their service and if applicable your PayPal account. No card information is stored or even accessible by us when using the PayPal web site.

Agreement To The Data Privacy Policy

Your use of this web site and our sevives/products is on the basis that you agree to the terms of this policy.

Changes To The Data Privacy Policy

Any future changes to the data privacy policy will be reflected in this page.

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