Standalone Email With an email account from FrostByte you will get all the standard features that you would expect from a quality email service, POP3, SMTP and WebMail, you can also upgrade your account to IMAP for a small fee (you will still be able to use POP access if you wish). The 10MB of storage is usually adequate for the average user, however if you need more space this is available as an optional extra up to a maximum of 100MB storage per mailbox.

Below are the features you will get with the standard account which costs just £15 per year for each mailbox.

  • POP3 Email access
  • SMTP Server access
  • WebMail
  • 10MB storage as standard
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Email aliasing
  • Unlimited catch-all
  • Ability to rename mailboxes
  • Rules functionality including auto-responders and filters
  • Anti-virus protection on all incoming and outgoing messages
  • SSL encryption of mail to/from server
  • Shared folders
  • End user and Email Administrator online management interfaces
  • Password creation and maintenance

Optional Extras include:

  • Additional Storage @£5 per 5MB per year (100MB max per mailbox)
  • IMAP access @£5 per year

With a FrostByte email account your email stays put whatever else happens, you gain the freedom to move your web hosting or change your ISP without disruption to your email or changes to your email address. Most ISP´s and Web Hosting businesses offer email acounts as free or add on services to your account, indeed we do so ourselves. However if your ISP or Web Host fails to perform and you wish to move your account elseware you will have your email interrupted during the move and if you don't have your own domain you will also have the hassle of letting everyone know your new email address.

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