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The industry standard in internet domain name management. FrostByte provides DNS with an easy to use web interface that gives you full control over your domain name with a range of options suitable for use with free web space from your ISP or a professional web hosting solution. Our service includes:

  • Domain Name Service - Configuring A Records CNAME aliases and MX records has never been easier !
  • Secondary Name Service - The high-speed managed network is located across the US/Europe. Adding more DNS servers to your domain results in reliability and speed.
  • WebForward™ - Use your domain name to point to your free web space (provided by your ISP or Geocities etc) so your web site can have a simple "" name like everyone else instead of something like "".
  • MailForward™ - Easily forward to other email addresses using MailForward.
  • Dynamic DNS - Full dynamic DNS support allowing cable modem, dsl, and dial up users to run web sites on your home pc. [More Info]

The following add on services are also abailable for an additional annual fee:

  • Failover & Load Balancing - Customers can enjoy failover and load balancing service for any group of web servers using DNS load balancing.
  • Backup Email Service - Want to run your own mail server, but you're afraid of missing important e-mails? Our optional "Store and Forward" service will accept e-mails for you while your mail server is down or unavailable, and redeliver them when you're back up!

Pricing - The cost of the DIY DNS service is £25 per domain per year for domains held with FrostByte (registered with us or transferred to us) or £30 per domain per year if the domain is held with another registrar.

The Network - Rest assured that all servers are colocated at "top tier" NOCs, in Washington, San Antonio and New York with redundant fiber connectivity, diesel backup and climate-controlled environments.

One big advantage of having control over your own DNS is that if your ISP or web host ever lets you down you can just setup at another host and point your DNS to the new host without having to set your DNS up on the new web hosts system.

You can make unlimited configurations but if your overall DNS traffic exceeds 2MB/month you will be charged an additional £25(FrostByte Domain)/£30(non-FrostByte Domain) per 2MB (or part thereof) over and above the initial 2MB allowance. Please note that exceeding the initial allowance is very unusual, as this is only DNS traffic which is relatively small and should not be confused with your overall web site traffic. Also, other DNS servers cache your DNS settings so DNS traffic is mostly just periodic updates of DNS settings.
Your domain(s) will join a DNS services which accounts for more than 522951 zones, that's more than 2.5% of all registered domains on the internet.

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